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Images (Vol. 1) - Black Images

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

He - Antoine-Henri Becquerel - noted that when uranium salts were left on a photographic plate sealed in paper, an energy from the salts penetrated the paper and caused fogging of the plate. He at first suspected that the salts released X-ray-like particles when exposed to an external energy source such as sunlight, but he subsequently realized that the energy fogging the plates was emitted from the salt themselves, without any external stimulation.

- Paul Lowe

The impenetrable totality of black is over: even from blackness there comes radiation.

Image no. 1 – window onto the infinite deepness of being, or just a plain black rectangular image.

Image no. 2 – a black image with an unfocused pretentious existential slogan and a full-stop.

Image no. 3 – laminate countertop sample in black standard matte.

Image no. 4 – Dear reader, contemplate the subliminal.

Image no. 5 – Dear reader, do not contemplate the subliminal (motion background with spinning clock).

Image no. 6 – this is a real picture of Indian black granite. You can see it’s slightly speckled. Like the laminate countertop, it would make a nice work surface in a retro kitchen re-fit.

What do you think?

Image no. 7 – your author contemplating the momentous conscious effort of creativity.

(Not really – his head is disproportionate and lest the PC virtue-signallers should accuse him of micro-aggressions towards anorexics, he wishes to state that he does not endorse human depictions by the use of stick-men, nor does he have such a fat outdated computer.)

Image no. 8 – a black image.

Image no. 9 – another black image entirely obscuring a reproduction of the photograph Beta Rays Emitted from a Radioactive Substance through Screens by Antoine-Henri Becquerel, 1901.

Image no. 10 – a white image, possibly a negative of a black image, possibly just some white space which, like all these black and other randomly appropriated images with fancy faux-artistic titles is nothing more than a cynical ploy to take up space and make an "important" statement, which, of course, to demonstrate the point, it both has and has not succeeded in doing.

(But the countertop samples are real, in case you wanted to know that much for any future kitchen renovation plans.)

Image no. 11 – a red image.

Image no. 12 – a black image, similar to the previous black images.


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